Our goal and end of point is to integrate all the technological resources available on the market to meet our more demanding customer needs. Whether it’s fundamental access control or a comprehensive security integration system, innovative building security or complex data protection, you need a managed security services partner that understands today’s threats and risks.


Are you familiar with the words theft, sabotage, vandalism, as well as gates, fences, reinforced doors, surveillance, etc..? These are not just words but areas of very high interest for one that values their property in today days. The risk of our assets getting stolen or compromised is among us every minute, every single day.


IP Cameras are cameras that are installed onto your existing Computer Network and allow you to view a stream of images, live or recorded, either on your Intranet or via the Internet. Some Cameras come with their own internal memory while others back up to a hard drive located within your IP (Internet Protocol) network
    •Security surveillance Network video's advanced functionality makes it highly suited to the applications involved in security surveillance. The flexibility of digital technology enhances security personnel’s ability to protect people, property and assets. Such systems are therefore an especially attractive option for companies currently using CCTV.
    •Remote monitoring Network video gives users the ability to gather information at all key points of an operation and view it in real-time. This makes the technology ideal for monitoring equipment, people and places both locally and remotely. Application examples include traffic and production line monitoring, and the monitoring of multiple store locations.

We make deployment easy in all types of environments: indoor, outdoor, wired, wireless, and in rough, tough conditions.


You need real intelligence about the goings-on inside your business, your home. You need independently managed security, proper control area monitoring and investigations which convert intelligence into evidence - and we can do all of this for you. Well-managed security really can lower your risks in these and many other areas of your business.


Our communications expertise provides vendor certification of most cabling products. ING installs competitive, state of the art structured cabling systems that meet actual industrial and federal security standards plus the most stringent technical requirements. ING technicians have the appropriate certified qualifications for Cabling Infrastructure, Design and Engineering and all facets of System Integration projects. Our design/build team engineer goal is to fulfill our customer needs.


The ISS training philosophy is based on providing your company with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate and manage your security system. Our educators have the advantage of field experience as well as certification in their areas of expertise. We provide standard and customized training courses to meet our customer's needs.


Successful installations are achieved by design, discussion and sheer attention to detail. With sharp attention to detail and over 25 year’s field experience, our ISS professionals work towards accurate and reliable systems. The needs of tomorrow’s businesses are difficult to predict, that is why specifying the right infrastructure for your communications network is of vital importance. Not only must the system be able to cope with today’s demanding internet, intranet, video conferencing, e-mail and multimedia applications, but also accommodate the unknown applications of tomorrow. With a perfect safety record, ISS is committed to bringing stability and quality to every job site.


ISS provides a full scope of services and equipment necessary for all preventative and emergency maintenance according to your needs. When performing scheduled or emergency maintenance, ISS works to minimize the impact on all facility operations and in advanced coordination.

Web pages design

We provide services for web pages in HTML, for personnal, and commercial bussiness, providing templates to adjust whatever you need to accomplish your needs.

Switches & Routers

Providing programmation and configurations of many network comunication hardware, we work with brands like, Nortel, Cisco, Next, Belden, Linkys, & more.

Call centers

ING, Corp. setup and configurations for PBS switch board, to fullfill your needs in your Data Center environment.

Software Installation

We have high quality technician to assist you installing that especific software your organization needs. We have experience in Antivirus, Peachtree, Autocad, Adobe Suite, & more.

Camera Systems

Setting up and configurations of your security systems, for so many different hardwares like DVR's, IP cameras, Monitors, & DNS to bring you the power to see what is happening in your organization from anywhere.

Access Control Systems

ING, Corp. provides setup and the right tools that you need to control the access of your employees or thief to your entity, punchers, magnet doors, keypad, and whatever other devices you require.


Integrade Network Group can help to configure your servers for whatever need your bussiness have:
Application server, a server dedicated to running certain software applications
Catalog server, a central search point for information across a distributed network
Communications server, carrier-grade computing platform for communications networks
Compute server, a server intended for intensive (esp. scientific) computations
Database server, provides database services to other computer programs or computers
Fax server, provides fax services for clients
File server, provides remote access to files
Game server, a server that video game clients connect to in order to play online

Integrade Network Group, Corp.

LLC is worldwide recognized as an industry leader in structured cabling. Fully insured, certified and compliant in all major areas. Integrade Network Group can confidently offer the Caribbean Islands & Puerto Rico customers an excellent and high performance premium level of structured cabling. All of our project sites are completed to the highest industry standards to provide clear and reliable services for your business. We are specialists in the installation and implementation of Category 5e, 6, and 6a Structured Cabling Systems.

We provide each installation with a 15 or 25 Year Manufacturer's Warranty, which protects against installation and cable performance defects. Whether you need just 1 additional outlet or you require multi thousand outlets installed, Integrade Network Group have the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure that your installation is carried out professionally and to your specification. Every installation is 100% tested, using the industries latest test equipment.

Optical Fiber

We have many years’ experience in the design, installation, termination and testing of all types of fiber optic cables. Whether you require the supply, installation, termination or testing of Single Mode or Multi Mode Fiber, using ST, SC, FC or LC connectors, you can be assured that Integrade Network Group in house qualified installers are equipped with the latest knowledge and equipment to carry out the work to the highest standard. We have high performance splicing and testing equipment for multi-mode and single mode fiber to ensure consistent quality of our installations. High bandwidth single-mode and multi-mode optical fiber solutions available with your choice of SC/LC compliant connectors, all of which have an excellent performance. This enables flexibility in design and enables you to achieve the performance metrics that are right for your business or network application.


We take testing very seriously, and only use the best cable testers for appropriate certifications. Each and every installed category 5e & 6 copper cable is tested to ensure they meet or exceed the standards. We certified Category 6 (standard and augmented) and Category 5e copper connectivity solutions for voice, video or data, which come with a multi-year warranty (depending on vendor) when installed by ING, Corp.


Integrade Network Group, Corp. high performance, low-loss coaxial cable, connectors and cable assemblies, deliver optimum electrical and mechanical performance under real-world conditions. For demanding installation sites where curves, bends and twists require a highly flexible braided cable and superior performance, such as with commercial wireless broadband and enterprise network applications, coax cable is used for maximum flexibility.

Cable Management-Pathways and Wiring Ducts

The correct containment is a vital component of any cabling system, and is required to comply with the industry standards on warranted systems. With our expertise we are able to design and install a containment system that will protect your investment with growth and expandability built in and control and minimize the risks to the system performance. Integrade Network Group cable management solutions provide a structural support system which organize, store and secure cabling, as well as valuable computers, data and communications equipment. Cable management systems include two-post systems, four-post systems, wall, ceiling & under-floor systems, zone cabling & wireless enclosures, cable management & runway, and accessories. Integrade Network Group offers metal cable pathways/channel, cable runway (ladder rack), as well as low smoke/low toxicity non-metallic wiring duct. Cable runway is used for horizontal, vertical and backbone pathways and can be installed within and outside of your data room, under raised floors and above acoustic ceilings. The non-metallic wiring duct can help reduce costs associated with engineering and design and is up to 40% lighter than aluminum channel.

•Multi-Compartment Trunking
•Power Poles
•Floor boxes
•Cable Trays and Wire Baskets
•Cabinet and Rack Management

Patch Panels

Physical layer management systems which not only simplify the design, build-out and expansion of network infrastructure solutions, but can also deliver valuable information to facilitate the rapid resolution of physical layer faults.

Patching Services

We can carry out a complete re-patch of your cabinet(s), and also provide services to upgrade/change your existing communications cabinet(s), or even re-locate them if necessary.
•Full ‘meaningful’ labelling with color coded patch leads
•Full patching schedule for your records
•Out of hours service for minimal disruption to your staff

Grounding & Bonding

Proper grounding is essential for efficient network system performance. In addition, the grounding system is not just an insurance policy against a lightning strike – it is an active, functioning system that provides protection for personnel and equipment. Integrade provides grounding & bonding solutions which meet industry standards..

Competitive Costing

Our quotations are always provided on a fixed cost basis and include everything required for the project, no hidden costs.

Project Management

Every Project we undertake is a one-time endeavor, and the experience of our Project Managers gives you the peace of mind that your project will run smoothly from Start to Finish. Our Project Managers understand the customer, the technology and the solution.

Prompt Response Post Installation Support

In the unlikely event of a post-installation problem occurring we are noted for our flexibility, and speed of response.
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